About BIOS

BIOS: Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Rekayasa Komputer (e-ISSN. 2722-0850) is a scientific journal in the field of information technology and computer engineering managed by the Asa Professional Research & Development Center (PUSLITBANG), Jember, East Java, Indonesia. This journal is managed by lecturers and practitioners who come from various university backgrounds in Indonesia, especially Jember, East Java.The BIOS journal is published 2 (two) times a year, namely every March and September. The BIOS journal published in each edition consists of 5-10 articles per volume.

The Asa Professional Research & Development Center (PUSLITBANG Sinegis Asa Professional) is registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia with the AHU number (AHU-0014694.AH.01.04 Year 2019).

The focus and scope of this journal are in the field of Information Technology and others that are still knowledge related, including:

  1. Databases System
  2. Data Mining / Web Mining
  3. Data Warehouse
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Business Intelligence
  6. Cloud & Grid Computing
  7. Decision Support System
  8. Human-Computer Interaction
  9. Mobile Computing & Application
  10. E-System
  11. Machine Learning
  12. Deep Learning
  13. Information Retrieval (IR)
  14. Computer Network
  15. Multimedia System
  16. Information System
  17. Geographic Information System (GIS)
  18. Accounting information system
  19. Database Security
  20. System & Network Security
  21. Cryptography
  22. Fuzzy Logic
  23. Expert System
  24. Image Processing
  25. Computer Graphic
  26. Computer Vision
  27. Semantic Web
  28. e-Health
  29. and others related to Information Technology and Computer Engineering.

For more information, please contact the BIOS Journal manager via email bios@sinergis.org or via Whatsapp +6282257197272.